Current Artist in Residence: Justin Rhody

  Untitled (Ballarat CA), 2017, Portrait of the Artist, Untitled (Meteor City AZ), 2013

Untitled (Ballarat CA), 2017, Portrait of the Artist, Untitled (Meteor City AZ), 2013

Justin Clifford Rhody (b. 1984, Flint Michigan) is a fine art photographer currently based in Oakland, California. His work has been seen widely online, through exhibits and traveling slideshows, as well as publications. Mirro Editions published two different monographs of his work created in Central America between 2009 and 2012, titled Zona Urbana and Dec. 21st, 2012: Chichicastenango. In the Fall of 2016, Rhody presented a slideshow performance of his work as part of a fifteen stop, national tour alongside performance artist and musicians Jeff Zagers and Russian Tsarlag. While on this trip across the United States, Rhody created a series of photographs titled Married To America which was published as a monograph in the spring of 2017 by Hidden Eye Press. Other publications produced in 2017 include the artist’s books Slow Boat To China and Alone Together (collaborations with collagist Abigail Smith), A Horse With A Name (Rebel Hands Press) and the seventh installment of Rhody’s self-published electrophotographic journal, Slo-Mo. Rhody also organizes a public slideshow series of found 35mm photo slides called Vernacular Visions and is a co-founder of the White Leaves Artist Residency in El Rito, New Mexico.

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The LATITUDE Residency program brings 8-10 artists into the lab annually to develop and produce their projects free of charge while receiving guidance, training and support from staff and volunteers. Artists gain access to the LATITUDE community through their day-to-day interactions, studio visits, and staff supported development of a piece of free public programming. In return, artists are asked to be active as both resources and mentors to the LATITUDE community, sharing their insights and creative methods.

The goal of the residency program is to further LATITUDE's mission of promoting creative collaboration between our users and the wider art and photographic communities.

LATITUDE holds an open (and free!) call for residency applicants once per year. The next call will open August 1st, 2018, to select residents for 2019.