At LATITUDE we’re proud to provide artists, photographers, and members of the general public access to our lab space and equipment as DIY users. (link to policies at bottom of page). There is also the option to commission full production of your work by the talented staff of LATITUDE via our Service Bureau. Below is a full breakdown of possible costs using the self-service/DIY option, including our production costs and membership levels. To learn more about equipment offerings, please visit the Lab Space page

LATITUDE is a small arts nonprofit committed to providing you with the best possible production at the lowest possible costs. When you work with us your money goes towards our mission of supporting Chicago's creative community!

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In order to keep the lab as accessible as possible, we offer specially discounted printing 1 day per week. And we call it... Open Access Saturday!

During Open Access Saturday, lab users receive 1/2 off all Ink Charges! (please note that this does not include PAPERSTOCK).  Equipment reservations for Open Access Saturday can be made up to 2 week in advance. Reservations are limited to a single block of 4 hours, though lab users are free to continue working if no one else is waiting. We want this initiative to help make the lab accessible to all types of makers, including working artists. 


To produce your own work in the lab you will pay a daily lab user fee.  Day membership covers access to a workstation with our without an Epson flatbed

  • Standard: $10 per day. For everyone.

  • Student: $5 per day. Provides a 25% discount on printing and scanning costs (Please note that this does not apply to materials such as paper or glassine or Service Bureau Production). Additional student rates are available for tutoring and workshops! Available to any and all current students.

  • Recent Grad: $5 per day. Recent Grad Members will receive the GRAD GIFT of 1 day of 50% off all ink charges, 1 year of student rates on Daily Membership, 1 year of student rates for ink usage, tutoring, and workshops! Available to all recent graduates with proof of graduation date.

  • Annual Membership: $2000 per year. Designed for heavy users employing assistants. All other membership levels are designed for individuals producing their own work. An annual member can have work produced for them by their staff or assistants at our Do-It-Yourself rates! Includes a personal flat file and paper roll storage.

  • Former Artist-in-Residence: Free membership + 10% off ink costs


All prices listed below are for standard members with no discounts applied.


(2) Epson Perfection V850 Pro Scanner: Complimentary with daily membership
Optical Resolution of 6400 dpi x 9600 dpi

Kodak Creo Flatbed Scaner: $15/hr
Optical Resolution of 5,500 x 10,000 dpi


1-on-1 Drum Scan Training including 3 Drum mounts: $200

Certified users can purchase drum mounts individually or in discounted blocks of 10. The blocks of 10 expire six months after purchase if unused. A single drum can hold approximately: 25 35mm negatives; OR 4 4x5 negatives; OR 4-6 strips of medium format negatives; OR 1 large format 8x10 negative. 

Single Drum of 35mm Negatives: $30
Block of 10 Drums: $250

Single Drum of Md/Lg Format Negatives: $15  
Block of 10 Drums: $120


Flat file drawer and storage space for 1 roll of paper: $15/month  (65" flat file $25/month)

Additional flat file:  50" $10/month (65" $15/month)

Additional paper roll:  $10/month


Epson Stylus Pro 4900 (3): $0.03 per square inch of image (See Sample Prices for common print sizes below)

  • 8x10: $2.40

  • 11x14: $4.62

  • 13x19: $7.41

  • 16x20: $9.60


Epson P9000 (44 inches wide), Epson 9890 (44 inches wide) & Canon PRO 4000 (44 inches wide): $0.05 per square inch of image area (See Sample Prices for common print sizes below)

  • 13x19: $12.35

  • 16x20: $16

  • 20x24: $24

  • 24x30: $36

  • 30x40: $60

  • 40x50: $100

Epson Stylus Pro 9900 with Piezography Ink: $0.06 per square inch of image
(the highest-quality, and most-archival, digital black and white ink printing system ever invented; click here to learn more about Piezography)

  • 8x10: $4.80

  • 11x14: $9.24

  • 13x19: $14.82

  • 16x20: $19.20

  • 20x24: 28.80

  • 24x30: $43.20

  • 30x40: $72

  • 40x50: $12


Individualized Tutoring (customizable to your needs): $50 per hour/$40 for Students and Recent Grads
One-on-one sessions can be tailored to fit your individual interests and needs. Sessions can be arranged for everything from file management and print consultation, to Photoshop editing and flatbed scanning.

Intro to Inkjet Printing: $65 for 1 1/2 hours ($50 for Students/Recent Grads)
Learn the basics of a color managed workflow for printing on Epson printers. Covers printer settings, paper handling, file prep, Photoshop print settings, ICC profiles, and basic troubleshooting. Includes two free 8x10 prints.

Intro to Piezography: $65 for 1 1/2 hours ($50 for Students/Recent Grads) (Required certification for use of the Piezography Pro 44" printer)
Learn the basics of Piezography printing. Includes two free 8x10 prints.

Intro to Lightroom: $65 for 1 1/2 hours ($50 for Students/Recent Grads)
Learn the basics of file management in Lightroom.

Submit your tutoring request form here or contact us at for more details!


General Guidelines We expect DIY users to have recent experience and/or working knowledge of the equipment they intend to use within one year (exceptions are flatbed scanners or Creo which include same-day orientation).  DIY Users should be comfortable working independently.

Be honest about your experience and comfort printing.  While our staff and lab assistants will provide some support which may include double checking of settings, general troubleshooting, and answers to quick questions, they will not be able to provide one-on-one, undivided attention outside of a tutorial setting. Information about Individual tutorial sessions can be found here.

Reservations are not required to use equipment in the space but are preferred so we can ensure availability of the equipment you intend to use.  Walk-ins are given priority at the next available slot for a given piece of equipment pending equipment availability.

Reservations made in advance are guaranteed for a 4 hour block of time, either 10am - 2pm or 2pm - 6pm. Evening blocks are available for 3 hours from 6pm - 9pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays.  Extensions to your reservation are not guaranteed and made at the discretion of the staff on a case-by-case basis. If you are more than an hour late to your reservation without advance notice your reserved equipment may be relinquished to walk-in clients or other lab needs.

As a DIY user you’re expected to be comfortable working independently.  However, don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have them! We’re more than happy to give quick refreshers and check settings and the like, but individualized attention that exceeds 15 minutes will be considered excessive assistance. Clients who require excessive assistance during a DIY appointment will be charged the full tutoring hourly rate of $50  if staff or a tutor is available at the time of their appointment, otherwise they will be asked to reschedule at a time when a tutor is available.

Courtesy Hedrich Blessing Photographers

Courtesy Hedrich Blessing Photographers