We're Moving!

After nearly three years at 2041 West Carroll Avenue, LATITUDE is moving! Near the end of this year we'll transition to a new space in the Hubbard Street Lofts at 1821 West Hubbard Avenue, just 0.4 miles from our current location. We'll be on the second floor, down the hall from Johalla Projects and below Sputnik Press (two organizations we happen to have tons of respect for).  

We're going to be sharing the space with another nonprofit organization that we've happily collaborated with over the years, Filter Photo. There will be a lab just like our current one operated by LATITUDE, plus a gallery primarily operated by Filter Photo. Both organizations will retain their own identities and legal statuses (we're just good friends) and LATITUDE will continue to offer the same resources, equipment, and programming as ever. The big difference? Our amenities will get much, much nicer! 

 We're sure you have lots of questions. Please read on for our Q+A, and if you don't find an answer there email us to ask: info@latitudechicago.org!


So.. you're moving?

We are!



One big reason is that our three-year lease expires soon. The lease is nonrenewable, so we've been looking for a space for a long time now.


But I love where you are now!

We do too! It was a great space to grow in, but we're excited about some of the things we'll gain with the move, including direct climate control (good for equipment, papers, and lab users), our own bathroom, an always-reliable buzzer system, and lots of street parking. We're also looking forward to being neighbors with some great arts organizations, and to working with Filter Photo!


So LATITUDE and Filter Photo will be working together?

Both of us will operate the space, and we do plan to collaborate on some specific programming. Most of the time it will be business as usual for us though. 


So why do LAT and Filter need to move in together?

The missions of both organizations is to advance the photographic and arts communities. Up until now we've done lots of complementary work; by living together, we hope we can function as a high-end photo arts center for Chicago. We think that our ability to serve the Chicago community will increase exponentially.


Even better, the rental costs for this center are supported by a private donation that will sharply reduce our overhead for the next several years. This means that we can better think about major decisions such as long-term sustainability, new lab equipment, and how we can continue to make ourselves as accessible as possible (by the way, did you see that Saturdays will be open to the general public, no membership necessary starting 10/25?).


Hmm. That does sound pretty good. What about the gallery? 

The gallery will be operated by Filter Photo for nine months of the year and by LATITUDE for three months of the year (this may shift the first year as we compensate for a shortened exhibition calendar due to buildout times). We plan on using our three months to give solo and two-person exhibitions to our future artists in residence. 


And when is this happening?

Right now we hope to start welcoming users to the new lab in early January, but this depends on architectural planning, construction, the move itself, getting setup again, etc. Early January is our rough guess for when we'll be open and ready for business... but this is just a guess. Whenever the move does happen, we expect to be closed for approximately 1 week. If you have any serious concerns or questions, just email us to ask!


Okay. So back to my work: I have this project that I need to work on....

Email or call us, that's what we're here for! We'll see what we can do to talk you through it and help (or to stand back if you already know just what you want). 

Thanks again for making the lab special!

Colleen Keihm