SALON SERIES: Insight Into Images, presented by ASMP CHICAGO/MIDWEST

LATITUDE is pleased to be hosting a crit group operated by the Chicago/Midwest chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). All current members of ASMP and/or LATITUDE are welcome to take part in the crit group. The crit will take place during Industry Night and the lab will remain open to those working during this time. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 //  7-9pm

This Salon Series will provide opportunities for members to present their work outside of the typical commercial photography world. This includes exhibits, critiques, and salons.  The intent is to allow members to explore the Fine Art Photography community while gaining experience, understanding, and exposure.

This Salon will be held May 20, 2014 and provide an opportunity for some of our members to expose a sample of their personal projects while gaining insight from the ASMP Chicago/Midwest community.

The Think Tank and Fine Art Committees invite members to select one image that is close to their hearts, give them an opportunity to project this image at the meeting, and discuss the meaning and concept behind it to their peers. After the presentation there will be time for discussion and debate.

Guidelines for this Salon:

- Read the short article “Why Photography Matters” by Jerry L. Thompson and be prepared to share your insight (email ASMP's Mariah Karson at to request a copy) 

- Select one image to be projected and discussed in a group setting. Files should be 2000 pixels on long side, sRGB color space with a resolution of 150 dpi and stored on a small external drive brought with you to the event.

- Prepare a brief presentation (no more than a few minutes) on the importance of your image. The group will then engage with you in peer review and discussion. The philosophy from the article may be utilized during this discussion and add a new dimension to your work.

- Attend the Salon Series event, Insight into Images, on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 and join in the conversation.

This Salon Series event is also an opportunity for members who would like to discuss their images and hash out concepts for the upcoming submission and exhibition on EXISTENCE (link to exhibit call).

Members can look forward to more of these events this year.  If you have other ideas that support these efforts, the Committee has a seat waiting for you. If you would like more information about the Fine Art Committee or would like to volunteer, please contact

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