July 2014 Artist in Residence: Alex Chitty

Alex Chitty, untitled (from  Codification )

Alex Chitty, untitled (from Codification)

As current AIR Carlos Javier Ortiz winds down his lab time, we look forward to welcoming Alex Chitty as our next resident! Chitty's wide-ranging investigation of image culture has included work with original studio portraits, cell phone pics, scanned material, Google Image Search, and low-grade laser prints. Chitty makes fluid use of these images, sometimes presenting them alone and sometimes incorporating them into videos, sculptures, and installations. This work is often united by its concentration on morphology and reproduction.

You can read an interview between Chitty and Chicago Contemporary Art Seminar here. We'll be publishing Chitty's open studio hours on our site calendar and announcing details of an evening of public programming soon! 

Chitty is represented by Andrew Rafacz Gallery, and her work has shown widely at such venues as Alderman Exhibitions, Corbett vs. Dempsey, Roots and Culture, and Bourouri Gallery, Berlin. She has worked as an instructor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. 


Chitty's official bio: 

Alex Chitty

www.alexchitty.com •  P.O. Box 1656 Chicago, IL 60690

Alex Chitty

Born = Miami, 1979

Lives = Chicago (mostly)

BFA = Smith College 

MFA = School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Work = Educator at Museum of Contemporary Art & School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College.

See More = www.alexchitty.com