Exhibition Opening: Moving Forward, Looking Back: Artists in Residence 2012-2014

Event Type: Exhibition Reception for Moving Forward, Looking Back: Artists in Residence 2012-2014
When: Friday, April 3, 5:00-8:00 PM
Where: Filter Space (adjoining LATITUDE, in Suite 207 at 1821 W. Hubbard St.)
Featuring: Paul D'Amato, Alex Chitty, Todd Diederich, Amy Elkins, John Neff, Carlos Javier Ortiz, Jason Reblando, Jaclyn Wright, and Reuben Wu

Over our first two years, in the old lab, we had the pleasure of hosting an amazing group of artists in residence. Each came with their own distinctive style--one month was a madcap dash with eyes on the finish line, the next an ambling stroll, with eyes to the sky. Although their personalities and aesthetics are widely divergent, all of our residents have been positive, generous presences in the lab. We're grateful to them for coming to learn and work beside us. Thank you (in order of residency time) John Neff, Todd Diederich, Paul D'Amato, Reuben Wu, Jason Reblando, Amy Elkins, Carlos Javier Ortiz, Alex Chitty, and Jaclyn Wright! 

LATITUDE is now entering a new stage of its development, with a brand new lab where we look forward to continuing to serve the arts community for years to come. We also have a productive partnership with our roommates, Filter Photo; thanks to them we have access to the Filter Space gallery and are able to organize this exhibition. We're taking the opportunity to feature all of the residents who worked with us during our first two years. As we move forward, it's with an understanding of and appreciation for our past. 

We've been proud to help these artists produce work for exhibitions at a wide array of venues, including (in Chicago) Johalla Projects, Adds Donna, David Weinberg Photography, the City Gallery in the Historic Water Tower, Schneider Gallery, the DePaul University Art Museum, and The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago. We've also had our residents send work further afield, to Neon Heater in Ohio, the Houston Center for Photography, the Bronx Documentary Center, and the Aperture Foundation gallery in New York. It's an exciting opportunity for us to bring samples of their work back to the lab all at the same time. Please join us for the opening reception of Moving Forward, Looking Back: Artists in Residence 2012-2014 as we welcome their return!

LATITUDE's residency program is intended to give artists the opportunity to experiment, produce, and work through whatever projects they bring with them. During a period of approximately 1 month the artist is given free reign and assistance in the lab. To learn more about the residency program, please visit our Artists in Residence page.

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