Artist in Residence Funding!

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Thanks to the support of the David C. & Sarajean Ruttenberg Arts Foundation, we will be offering one funded residency position during the 2015-2016 season! Because of this new information we've extended our residency application deadline through Sunday, July 12. Learn more about the funded residency below, and more about the standard residency and the application process here.

The LATITUDE artist in residency program has been relatively straightforward over the years: we've provided residents with access to the lab and assistance free of charge. Sometimes we've also been able to help solicit paper donations, or find free housing for out-of-owners. Unfortunately, we haven't yet had the resources to supply a stipend or funding.

Our longterm goal is to transition to a stipend/paying system that we see being effective at other organizations. The short version is that we would provide a stipend for residents to use as they see fit, and we would charge our standard, low-cost lab fees. With the support of outside funding this would mean a more sustainable program for the organization, plus more support for residents (particularly those coming from outside Chicago). Win-win. Thanks to the foundation, we'll now be test-running this model.

Details for the David C. & Sarajean Ruttenberg Arts Foundation funded residency:

  • includes a stipend of $1,600 provided directly to the artist, to be spent in conjunction with the residency as the awardee sees fit
  • limited to applicants from outside the Chicago area, who necessarily will have greater travel and housing costs (as with all out-of-town residents, we will try to find affordable housing through our personal networks but cannot guarantee it)
  • all applicants from outside the Chicago area will automatically be considered for the funded residency (no additional material is necessary)
  • the awardee will be responsible for all standard lab costs (for past residents, these have ranged from approximately $300-$1200 depending on production amount and type)

The deadline for all residency applications is Sunday, July 12. Information about the application process is HERE!

Colleen Keihm