Yoga for Artists with Lauren Goldstein


What: Open Yoga Session
When: July 2, 7:00-8:00 PM
Where: LATITUDE (1821 W. Hubbard St., Ste. 207)

Cost: $10

Thanks to Lauren Goldstein, LATITUDE's Administrative Assistant and full-time yoga instructor, we're pleased to present Yoga for Artists (+ everyone else too!). 

Each day we walk, bike, and commute around the city, coming into contact with an overwhelming amount of energy. Living in Chicago, the day to day can be stressful as an artist because the creative mind is open to the energy and information encountered. Yoga for Artists is an opportunity to allow yourself decompression from your day. When you move your body, your mind becomes clearer, and when you focus on your breath, you are able to turn inward to focus more mindfully on yourself.

Join experienced yoga teacher Lauren Goldstein for a 60 minute Flow yoga class at LATITUDE. Expect a class that will speak to students of all levels, beginner to experienced. Vinyasa (flow) means to link breath to movement, and this style of yoga helps students better understand their breathing and alignment in poses. Eventually this aids with a stronger knowledge of the body, spatial awareness, how to recognize physical manifestations of stress within the body (and how to relieve this stress!), and a number of other tools that allow for more ease within daily life. 

Details: although not required, we recommend making a reservation with Lauren at If possible, we also recommend bringing a mat, water bottle, and towel, and wearing comfortable, breathable fabrics. Mats and water may be available for those who can't bring them. Please note that the cost for a 60 minute session is $10, payable in cash. 

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