Turning of the Gears, Changing of the Guard

After two years of running the lab we're sorry to announce that Tom Dryjanski, the star of our Instagram account, is moving on! Tom has accepted a job with Print Lab, an elite printer here in Chicago, where he'll continue to use his digital skills on a daily basis. We're happy to note that we'll still be seeing Tom at least every other week, as he's agreed to run a special crit group for our Lab Assistants.

After drawing up a list of new potential Lab Coordinators and consulting with our staff and board, we're pleased to welcome longtime Senior Lab Assistant Xander Fischer to the position! Xander first came to LATITUDE to do his own scanning and printing in early 2013, and he's been a regular presence round the lab ever since. We have complete confidence in his ability to expertly scan, edit, print, and take apart/reassemble a drum scanner within a matter of minutes. We look forward to introducing you to our new Lab Coordinator next time you're in the lab!

Colleen Keihm