September 2015 Artist in Residence: Lauren Henkin

Lauren Henkin, from the series  The Park

Lauren Henkin, from the series The Park

Welcome to Lauren Henkin, our September artists in residence! 

 Lauren resides in New York City, where her work is represented by Foley Gallery. She joins us from Hale County, Alabama, where she recently completed a residency with The Do Good Fund. Lauren looks forward to using a wide range of lab equipment, but especially our drum scanners and Piezography printer. Check out site calendar for an idea of Lauren's studio hours and to find out how to schedule a visit with her. 

Lauren's work is focused on the tension between preservation and extinction as told through the American landscape.  Her work resides in over twenty institutional collections including Cleveland Museum of Art, Portland Art Museum, Smith College Museum of Art, Brown University's Bell Gallery among others. Most recently, Yale University acquired 100 prints from The Park and Charleston projects. Musée Magazine, PDNNew York Magazine, ZingMagazine, Landscape Stories, L’Oeil de la Photographie and The Washington Post have all featured her photographs.

Lauren is also a co-founder and co-editor of Tilted Arc, a journal on artistic practice and intention.