Our New Executive Director: Jessica Pierotti!

Jessica has been working in the lab as Deputy Director over the last eight month alongside departing ED James Pepper Kelly (aside from a October residency in Berlin (!)). Jessica is a practicing artist with an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an Instructor in the Photography Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and she also brings with her management experience working in and outside of the nonprofit arts community. We look forward to ordering her new business cards!

Statement from Jessica:

Ever since the founding of LATITUDE in 2012 I have been an ardent admirer. Like many young artists, on exiting the photography program at Rochester Institute of Technology I faced the reality of trying to carry on my practice without extensive and high-quality labs. Not to mention missing the camaraderie and knowledge that comes along with these academic environments! Due to this first-hand experience, I fully believe LATITUDE fills an indispensable role in this city and beyond by creating access to professional equipment while fostering a strong and diverse community. I was incredibly honored that LATITUDE asked me to join the team in May of 2016 as Deputy Director at the close of my graduate studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Over the past eight months I have had the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount while working alongside Pepper. As I now enthusiastically step into the role of Executive Director I can not imagine a position that could more thoroughly challenge me and my diverse set of skills while proving to be so rewarding. I will carry the project of LATITUDE forward during my tenure with passion, dedication and care. I can't wait to dive into an incredible 2017!

Jessica Pierotti

Colleen Keihm