Open Call, Spring Exhibition: City


We are now accepting submission for our third Latitude Print Show!
Submission due by Wednesday, March 1st.
Spring Print Exhibition Theme: City      |    Juror: Derrick Woods-Morrow

“Architecture and urban design ‘frame’ space… Action is structured and shaped by walls, doors and windows, framed by the decisions of designers. As a form of discourse, built form constructs and frames meanings… The built environment reflects the identities, differences and struggles of gender, class, race, culture and age. It shows the interests of people in empowerment and freedom, the interests of the state in social order, and the private corporate interest in stimulating consumption.”  - Kim Dovey, Framing Places: Mediating Power in Built Form

“From a Lefebvrian or psychoanalytic perspective, it can be suggested that the Manhattan skyline is not just about an alliance between a phallic format of space and abstract (capitalist) power relations, but also about a bourgeois coupling of ‘Ego’ and ‘Phallus.' Space is produced under the tyranny of three intersecting, aligned lines of power: masculinity, the bourgeois family, and capitalism. So, in concert, these powers produce the rhythms of New York, New York.” - Steve Pile, The Body and the City

For our spring print exhibition, please submit your works that are inspired by the two quotes above. Three artists will be chosen to participate in the print show and to be featured in our online gallery. The selected artists will have their work printed through the service bureau with a 20% discount. Each exhibition will last three months, after which the artists are free to take their prints with them. Also, we will choose two honorable mentions to feature on our online gallery. 


  • Up to 5 images sized at 72 dpi in JPEG format
  • Longest side of the image sized no more than 1800 pixels
  • A brief artist bio and statement (200 words limit)
  • Title and year for every submission
  • A brief explanation of how your work relates to the quotes.

To submit work, email all the materials to by March 1st.
Chosen artists will receive a space of 16”x24” for a print. The final prints will be displayed as unmounted, unframed working prints. 

When does a work of art transition from work in progress to a finished piece? When is the artist done making, and what constitutes a finished work?  LATITUDE is a space that bridges the gap between an artist’s vision and their ability to produce it. We want to use this open call to create a space that bridges the gap between the working lab and the final gallery. Selected artists will have an opportunity to display work in all stages of development in an environment where making is always happening and where our roommates, Filter Photo, are organizing and hosting their own high quality programming and exhibitions. Additionally, the work will be shown online through LATITUDE's website. 


Open CallColleen Keihm