Meet a Lab Assistant: Adam Biba

How long have you been a Lab Assistant at Latitude?
I started at Latitude about a month after I graduated from college, in January of 2015.

What do you enjoy most about working at Latitude?
Building relationships from week to week with artists from backgrounds of all kinds has been a valuable and inspiring experience. Technical skills (printing, scanning, etc) I learned have been cool, but the network I’ve gained access to is what I’ll take away from my time at Latitude.

Tell us a little bit about your art and projects you are currently focusing on. 
I’m a wedding and portrait photographer, so I’m always juggling jobs for various clients. As far as personal projects go, I’m working on a collaborative series of portraits of a performance artist in various elements (earth, wind, fire, etc). We shot water in a snowstorm by Lake Michigan in December, 2016, and are planning for fire next month. I also sometimes shoot interiors - in February I photographed a candle studio and a quilting studio.

What does “being creative” mean to you?
Being creative for me is forcing myself to not fall back on techniques or repeat shots I’ve made too many times in the past. Like, I recently discovered that I can make rad looking portraits with colored smoke bombs, but if I do that too much, like with anything, it gets boring. I’m always looking for the next smoke bomb idea.

What is the title of the last book you read?
Oh this is embarrassing. A full book - I don’t remember! I own a lot of photo books which I flip through for inspiration on a regular basis. Some of my favorite non-photo books are Brave New World, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.

What type of music are you currently listening to?
Right this moment I’m listening to Silversun Pickups. But I listen to everything from country and folk to hip-hop and jazz. My favorite two groups I’ve seen in concert have been Old Crow Medicine Show and Die Antwoord, and the last show I saw was Valerie June. I think I’m drawn the most to good storytelling in a song.

What artist is currently inspiring you?
I was looking at Pete Souza’s work for a long time yesterday. Photographers/artists like himself who make meaningful work over decades inspire me. Huge bodies of work like that remind me I’ve got a long way to go.

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