One of LATITUDE’s 2017 initiatives was to establish a workstation permanently dedicated to the monthly Artist-in-Residence. Previously our artists received priority booking on the editing stations and printers but at times this would lead to our DIY lab users being turned away. When our lab use doubled from 2015 to 2016, we decided it was time to commit to building an additional station. At LATITUDE it’s important that we make our facilities easily accessible to everyone! 

Over the past year many developments have been made to improve workstation computers, color management, print quality and general user experience. Thanks to EIZO we are now providing our Artists-in-Residence unlimited access to a new and dedicated computer station with the best monitor in the lab! The EIZO ColorEdge CS270 will be used by our visiting artists to edit pre-existing images, process our large and high quality drum scans, prepare files for print and present work to curators and artists during studio visits. 

Our current Artist-in-Residence Claudia Weber is the first to try out our new workstation and monitor! Big thanks to Claudia and Jim Sanaxay of EIZO for being such an excellent ribbon-cutting team!