Meet a Staff Member: Alex Wieder


Tell us about yourself, how long you have worked with Latitude?

I went to undergrad for photography at Columbia, and started at LATITUDE a little over 3 years ago where I’ve worn a variety of hats. I've been a staff member at LATITUDE since December 2016. Otherwise, I consider myself an artist, woodworker, electronics hobbyist, and jack of many trades.

What ideas, materials or people sit at the center of the work you do?

I’ve always been known for my long-exposure photographic works, a process I still utilize in my work, but I’ve shifted my focus away from formal explorations of the physicality of light to more process-oriented works. Currently I’ve been fascinated by degradation of information, fundamental particles, and how visual culture both affects and in many ways curates memory. The project I’m working on now combines halftoning, long exposure photography, and a 3D printer I’ve built from scratch to create images that explore these themes.

Tell us about your art making process. 

Intention, intention, intention. I can’t stress enough how intentionality permeates everything I create, even at the most experimental of times. If I do something, it better have a reason, even if that reason is to find out if it’s worth doing.

List five things that changed the way you look at/ make images?

  1. Analog photographic practices, especially when learning photography
  2. Drum scanning (it’s really that good)
  3. The photographic work of Tokihiro Sato
  4. Dan Flavin’s sculptural use of light
  5. Technique as Discovery by Mark Schorer

Describe yourself as a piece of furniture?

I’d probably be a mid-century modern tv stand. It pays homage to elements of the past whilst being surrounded by high technology.

Do you have a question for your readers?

When you capture images for social media, do you expect them to last forever?

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