Meet a Lab Assistant: Alissa Godina


Tell us about yourself, how long you have worked as a Lab Assistant at Latitude?

I’m Alissa Desiree Godina. A  4’10" (sometimes) overly talkative, but always smiling photographer and book-maker. I was born in Chicago but raised in Austin TX,  I came back  full circle to get my undergrad degree at SAIC. January 2018 marks a grand ol’ 1 year working at LATITUDE.

What ideas, materials, or people sit at the center of the work you do?

The majority of my work is seen in the form of books. I try to give new context by shifting space, form, and placement in each. Emphasizing ideas of home; where one’s identity is manipulated, shifted, molded, erased, strengthened, and more. My family and my independence is the force that drives me to see things in new ways every day.

How do you make your work, what environment(s) do you make art within?

EXPLORING: My spaces, my family history, my thoughts. Literally wandering and seeing everything at a different angle/light/season. I don’t  intend for anything I shoot to be seen by others, I do it for me initially. Once I feel like I’ve shot enough (maybe over a few months), I go back through my images and pull together what I feel makes sense. Then I start to form a thesis for what I want this object to represent, which then usually becomes a book.

List 5 things that changed the way you look at/make images?

1. My mentor: Clarke
2. Going back to analog
3. Rinko Kawauchi’s,"The Eyes, The Ears"
4. Moving away from my family
5. A sequencing class that taught me how to look at different materials & images together.

Describe yourself as a piece of furniture?

A cute vintage mid-century loveseat. Something small, a place to chill or nap, that doesn’t get moved around a lot.

What is a question you have for your viewing audience/the world?

What’s a time in your life where you’ve been so happy you couldn’t contain your emotions?

Learn more about Alissa and check out her work trough her website: