Meet a Staff Member: Allison Parssi


Allison Parssi
2018 Education Fellow
Sun Sign: Capricorn

What do you do at LATITUDE and how long have you been on the staff?

I’m the 2018 Education Fellow and have been in the role since December of 2017. As the Education Fellow, I plan the year’s public educational offerings while developing any supplemental procedures and curriculums. I also help maintain LATITUDE’s tutoring program and Lab Assistant education.

Tell us about your art making practice. What ideas, materials, or people sit at the center of the work you do.

I am a photographer and bookmaker. My work takes on many different forms, but the central idea that runs through the work is recording the passage of time - whether it’s over the course of a few minutes or over millions of years. Process plays a heavy hand in my work and reinforces the concept of each project. This has introduced me to a wide range of materials from 4x5 black and white film to Fuji FP 100-C instant film that is incorporated into installations.

The time I’ve spent collaborating with other artists and photographers has recently become a more permanent part of my practice as well. It keeps me actively creating and often times results in something much more rewarding than when working on my own.

List three things that changed the way you look at/think about/or make art.

1. A phone conversation with my high school guidance counselor the week before I started 9th grade - I was signed up to take newspaper as a class, but wanted to switch to photography. She tried to convince me not to make the switch and it was the first time I had to defend art as something I wanted to pursue.

2. My first trip out to the Southwestern United States - this was my first time visiting any kind of national park and ultimately changed how I view the landscape.

3. Helen Gee’s Limelight - the story of the incredible woman who established the first photo gallery in the United States.

What art, film, music, food, etc are you currently into?

Some new releases that have been in my heavy rotation are Bambi by Hippo Campus, Chris by Christine and the Queens, The Lamb by Lala Lala, and the new project between Julian Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus - Boygenius.

Then there are my music staples - Lucius, Courtney Barnett, and Sylvan Esso. I also regularly listen to the Call Your Girlfriend podcast hosted by Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow.

Tell us about something you’re up to outside of LATITUDE.

I am an Assistant Music Director and DJ at the Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP), a volunteer-driven, community radio station. I started as a volunteer in May of 2017 and stepped into an Assistant Music Director role in January of 2018 where I help maintain and curate our music library.

I started DJing at the beginning of October. You can catch me as Wildewoman on Tuesday mornings from 6-9am!

View a selection of Allison’s work below:

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