Open Call: Storytelling - Now accepting submissions!

Open Call | Storytelling

For Open Call: Storytelling, we are looking for photographs that engage with narrative.

Photography is a medium that lends itself to storytelling, from the fantastical characters and decadent sets in David LaChapelle’s portraiture, to using language and poetry to create a narrative about gender, race, and politics in America like Lorna Simpson. What stories are you trying to tell with your photographs? How does the idea of storytelling manifest itself in your practice?

Submission deadline: Monday, October 8th.

View submission requirements here.

Open Call | Disruption

Photo by   Ryan Edmund  .

Photo by Ryan Edmund.

“If I wait for someone else to to validate my existence, it will mean that I’m shortchanging myself.” - Zanele Muholi

In a society that favors masculine constructs supporting capitalism, whiteness, and cis-hetero supremacy, LGBTQIA+ communities are often misunderstood and misrepresented, with queerness being seen as a threat to mainstream culture. While laws and media attention of queer representation have seen drastic changes within the past decade, attitudes concerning these marginalized communities tend to experience a slower rate of acceptance.

In Open Call: Disruption, we’re seeking a photographic exploration that challenges not only mainstream cis-hetero culture, but expands on the current visual and verbal lexicon of popular queer culture.


Submission deadline: Tuesday, July 17th. Click here to learn more.