Meet a Lab Assistant: Daniel Delgado

Photo by Daniel Delgado.

Photo by Daniel Delgado.

Tell us about yourself. How long have you worked as a Lab Assistant at LATITUDE?

My name is Daniel Delgado, I’m a proud Puerto Rican photographer and graphic designer currently based here in Chicago. When I’m not roaming the streets taking photos, I make as many dad jokes I can get away with it, leaving only a couple groans. I’ve been at LATITUDE for a little over a year.

What ideas, materials, or people sit at the center of the work you do?

I enjoy dabbling in a range of techniques and challenge myself by shooting with different cameras and experimenting with unique lighting setups. The technicality of my process is always in flux, which motivates me to approach my work from different perspectives. 
As of right now, I’m really interested in how people think about the world they see on a day-to-day basis. However, rather than capturing the mundane and what everyone else sees, my practice involves creating something new to shift someone's perspective of a scene. I often use light and form as a way to create this "something new," and this way of thinking guides me through my entire photographic process.

Tell us about your art making process. How do you make art? What environments do you make art within?

Whether I'm outside or in a studio setting, my focus is rooted in form and light within my immediate environment. These elements that naturally take place in a scene will often inspire the choices I make regarding the way I shoot and my post-processing workflow. And because I constantly move between film and digital, my processes for each will inspire the other.
I am currently working on a documentation project to help bring awareness to my home island of Puerto Rico. The island is slowly recovering five months after the hurricane, but its recovery is guided solely through communities helping each other. I want this documentation to be the voice that bridges their hard work and determination for survival to the rest of the world.

List five things that changed the way you look at/make images?

  1. Moving to Chicago made me think with a broader perspective.

  2. Being a Photo Intern at a newspaper in Puerto Rico taught me to anticipate.  

  3. Through the Wire by Kanye West taught me to hustle even when things hit rock bottom.

  4. Philip-Lorca diCorcia, who taught me how to see light in a space.

  5. PHHHOTO, an app that is now dead, transformed how I see the world visually.

Describe yourself as a piece of furniture or household appliance/feature?

I don’t normally think of myself as a piece of furniture so I asked the first person closest to me in proximity. Their response: a toaster. Their reason is that "a toaster is functional and portable. You make things better by looking at the details and apply energy to it.” So I’m a toaster...or an easy bake oven, which was mentioned by the second person closest to me in proximity. I think a toaster is better.

What is a question you have for your viewing audience/the world?

Does there always exist at least one prime between consecutive perfect squares?

Link to website and Instagram:   @ricanfx