Welcoming Adam Schachner as LATITUDE's Lab Director!

Please join us in welcoming Adam Schachner to the LATITUDE team! He will be taking on the role of Lab Director on June 1st. Our current Lab Director, Simon Pyle, will be heading off to sunny Colorado. During his time at LATITUDE he has improved all aspects of the service bureau, mentored and educated our amazing Lab Assistants, and fostered a warm and friendly lab environment. We are excited for Adam to have the opportunity to learn and grow in this new position and believe that he will continue to push the organization forward with his dedication, passion, and positive attitude.

Don't forget to join us at LATITUDE Turns Six, to get a chance to chat with both Simon and Adam!

Adam Schachner - Q&A

Tell us about your experience with LATITUDE. What brought you here?

I started lab assisting in September 2017 shortly after moving to Chicago from Oberlin, Ohio. Since moving here, LATITUDE has been an incredible resource in connecting me to the Chicago print and photo world. I've had a slightly convoluted path to this organization that has involved working in various classrooms, print shops, DIY spaces, and co-ops in New York, Ohio, and Minnesota. I first learned about LATITUDE while taking classes at SAIC a few years back, but did not reach out to Simon until spending some time at Light Work in Syracuse; a close-relative of LATITUDE. 

You have some pretty big shoes to fill! What excites you about being LATITUDE’s new Lab Director?

I'm super excited to continue working to making the ideals of access and education a reality. There's always more that we can do to make this space truly accessible, and I'm excited to figure out how to continue that mission. Other than that, I'm excited just to be here every day to bring people's digital images into the physical realm.

What is currently inspiring you? Art, film, music, etc?

Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan series, Walead Beshty's Transparency (Negative) [Kodak Portra 400NC Em. No. 3161: April 22–24, 2010 LAX/SFO SFO/LAX], Aspen Mays' Untitled (Fireflies inside the body of my camera, 8:37-8:39PM, June 26, 2008), my mother's cooking.

Simon Pyle - Q&A

You have definitely become a pillar of the LATITUDE community, not to mention the greater photographic community of Chicago. In what ways have you grown while being LATITUDE’s Lab Director?

So many great people and projects come through the lab. Whether someone is printing a high-end fine art edition or wants a few nice prints of some family photos off a cell phone, the stories behind every project are one of the best parts. Helping people turn their ideas into prints has been a real privilege, and it’s exposed me to the wide range of work people are doing in Chicago and beyond.

On the same note, it has also been a real treat to work with all the volunteers and staff; they’re really the heart of LATITUDE.

Any favorite LATITUDE memories?

The LATITUDE community print swaps are always my favorite. Four years ago, I was new in town and made my first photo-friends at a LATITUDE holiday print swap. There’s such a wide range of photographic approaches and aesthetics, and it’s inspiring to see so much of our users’ work up on the wall at the same time. 

It’s always great to see prints from the lab out in the wild on gallery walls, but working with Anjali Pinto on the Jacob Johnson exhibition was pretty special.

Our fundraiser parties are a blast too! (nudge nudge shameless promotion June 9 buy tickets here).

What’s next for you? What are you most excited about moving forward?

I’m moving on to Denver in June, so it’s a chance to meet new people. I’m looking forward to exploring the community art and maker spaces out there. Who knows, maybe LATITUDE needs a western satellite!

Colleen Keihm