Jeff Divine, Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii, 1975

Jeff Divine, Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii, 1975

Fall 2019 Open Call: Color

“In order to use color effectively it is necessary to recognize that color deceives continually.” - Josef Albers

From hand-colored photographs, the development of Kodachrome film, and eventually pixels on a screen, color photography has evolved along with our approaches to its possibilities. Our use of color to capture and interpret remains up to us as we explore the variables of color relativity, intensity, temperature, and boundaries.

In Open Call: Color, we are seeking images that play with our interactions and perceptions of color. How does one execute control over something so vibrant yet intangible?

DEADLINE: Wednesday, October 23rd, 11:59pm

Submission Requirements:

  • 3-5 images sized at 72 dpi in JPEG format

  • Longest side of the image sized no more than 1800 pixels

  • Artist bio (200 word max)

  • Artist statement about the images submitted (200 word max)

  • Title and year for every submission

  • A brief statement about how your submission relates to the theme

To submit work, email all the materials to 

Chosen artists will receive a space of 16”x24” to display their work. The final prints will be displayed as unmounted, unframed working prints. The selected artists will have a choice to print their work DIY for free or have their work printed through the service bureau with a 20% discount.

Open Call Gallery

We host four open calls each year during the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Selected artists will have their work displayed in our lab space, on our website, and featured on our social media.