Instagram Print Auction

Earlier this year, LATITUDE and MOAB Paper partnered to host a group of Chicago photographers to learn about archival inkjet printing, a process we have made accessible and affordable to our community. Beginning July 1st, we will be hosting a live auction on our Instagram page featuring the work of these photographers. All proceeds from this auction will go directly to Storycatchers Theatre, an organization working with youth in the juvenile justice system to tell their stories through musical theatre.

Each individual print auction will take place on our Instagram page and will be open for 24 hours beginning at noon. A starting price will be posted and bids must be left in the comment section of each photo. Bids must be placed in increments of $5. For example, if the starting bid is $10, the succeeding bid must be $15, and so on. Bidding stops at 11:59am the following day, or 24 hours after it was posted. See the bidding schedule below.

Featured Photographers & Prints:

About Storycatchers Theatre:

For more than 30 years, Storycatchers Theatre has empowered justice-involved young people to write their true stories. These resilient youth turn narratives, often influenced by traumatic life-experiences, into powerful musical theatre. They perform these stories for the community and facilitate discussions to create change in themselves and their audience. By moving beyond their histories, they transform the stigma of court-involvement and assert agency over their futures.

Storycatchers’ Changing Voices program offers supported employment to justice-involved young people ages 17-24. In this job, youth tour their stories to schools, organizations, and police departments in the Chicago area. Changing Voices also runs workshops for all new Chicago police recruits and has performed for more than 200 Illinois judges. With a licensed clinical social worker on staff, ensemble members utilize case management services to help them transition to meaningful education and/or career-oriented employment.

This event is proudly made possible through the resources provided by MOAB Paper, a premier distributor of fine art papers focused on designing premium solutions for digital photographers and artists.