Courtesy Hedrich Blessing Photographers

Courtesy Hedrich Blessing Photographers

Artists, photographers, and members of the general public can produce work at LATITUDE in one of two ways. They can either come to the lab to produce the work themselves with our oversight and assistance (the DIY/self-service/"you do it" option) or they can commission LATITUDE's staff to produce the work for them (the service bureau/full-service/"we do it" option). Complete information about LATITUDE's service bureau printing and scanning options are below. To learn more about the lab in general, please visit the Lab Space page.

LATITUDE is a small arts nonprofit committed to providing you with the best possible production at the lowest possible costs.
When you work with us your money goes towards our mission of supporting Chicago's creative community.  

Submit your Service Bureau request here! or contact us at


Whether you're interested in ordering a single print or enough prints for an entire show, we're here to help! We use the lab's designed production environment, variety of high-end software and equipment, and a workflow that emphasizes custom color management to create museum-quality prints for you.

The first step is getting in touch and letting us know how many images you'd like printed, what sizes you'd like them to be, and what paper you'd like to use (if you're unsure about sizes or papers we're happy to offer suggestions). Next, we'll produce a test strip for each of your images. After you've had a chance to stop by, view the test strip(s), and request any necessary adjustments, we'll go ahead and get the prints ready for you. Final prints, rolled in glassine, are typically ready within three business days of your initial order.

Our service bureau print pricing is determined by the square footage of the final image size. Please note that there two prices per size depending on what paper you choose. We offer several varieties of standard paper (basic matte, luster, and glossy) and fine art paper (e.g. Cotton Rag, Baryta, etc.). If you're still deciding on a paper, please get in touch to see what we have in stock OR stop by the lab and look through our in-house Paper Encyclopedia!

Prints on standard papers are $15.00 per square foot, fine art papers are $18.00 per square foot, Piezography printing is charged at $20.00 per square foot, a black and white process that uses specialty inks and a unique workflow(learn more here!) Take a look below at the prices for some traditional print sizes.


Print Minimum: 1.5 sq. ft. (approx. three 8x10 prints)

Trimming Fee: $1/print for prints 11x14 and under

Rush Fee (% mark-up): 25% for 48-72 hrs, 40% for 24-48 hrs, 50% for 12-24 hrs

STANDARD PAPER - $15/sq.ft FINE ART PAPER - $18/sq.ft Piezography B&W - $20/sq.ft
8 x 10 in $9.33 $11.00 $12.12
11 x 14 in $17.04 $20.25 $22.38
16 x 20 in $33.33 $40.00 $44.45
20 x 24 in $50.00 $60.00 $66.67
24 x 30 in $75.00 $90.00 $100.00
30 x 40 in $125.00 $150.00 $166.67
40 x 50 in $208.33 $250.00 $277.78




While we have a variety of scanning equipment, drum scanners provide the best possible scans of negatives and transparencies. Pricing and complete information about our drum scanning workflow is below.  

8mm to 4”x5”:  $60 per negative for a 1 gigabyte file (Color), or 350mb (B&W). (up to 350megapixels)
8”x10”: $150 per negative for a 1 gigabyte file (Color), or 350mb (B&W). (up to 400megapixels)
Discounts available for bulk scanning of 10+ negatives. Email for details. Higher resolutions are possible at a premium.

  • All scans are 16 bit.
  • Dusting (white dust and air bubbles) is performed at 50% magnification, and all scans are carefully inspected for sharpness and tonal depth.
  • Negatives are brought to RAW positive state (linear scans). Any further post production is charged at an hourly rate upon request.
  • Typical three business day turnaround from film drop-off time. We are fully equipped to handle bulk jobs with longer time tables, please call for details.

How We Scan
We utilize a RAW scanning workflow using both a Scanmate 4000 and an 11000. This equipment can generate resolutions up to 11,000 pixels per inch, with a minimum variable aperture opening of 3 microns. Our scans reproduce the utmost potential of your film original. Our goal is to precisely scan the grain structure of a piece of film and represent that physicality as closely as possible in digital form. Exact resolution is dependent on the size and grain structure of the film.


 Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Scanner
Optical Resolution of 6400 dpi x 9600 dpi

Kodak Creo Flatbed Scaner
Optical Resolution of 5,500 x 10,000 dpi


XF SCANS and CSW Partnership


We partner with CSW for film processing services. Film can be dropped off at CSW or LATITUDE for scanning. CSW pickups occur on Mondays and Thursdays weekly. Turnaround time begins once we receive developed film from CSW.  

Our Fuji Frontier SP3000 powers through rolls of 35mm and medium format film producing digital images with a maximum resolution of 20 megapixels. Tonally, it tends towards pastel colors reminiscent of traditional darkroom prints.

We offer two different types of XFscans:

Basic Scans: No color corrections, basic density adjustments.  Resolution is appropriate for screen or 3x5" prints without upsampling.

Enhanced Scans: Basic color corrections, more precise density adjustments, and sharper images. Three different resolution options available. 

Typically scans have a three business day turnaround. 24-hour rush scanning may be available for an additional fee.

* Please note that non-standard film formats, large orders, cut film, and higher resolutions scans may result in longer turnaround times and additional fees.

See our full XF SCANS price list.



Invoicing and Payment

Estimates are always subject to change, especially when a project involves hourly labor charges. All large jobs over $1000 are requested to be paid by check whenever possible. Physical or digital jobs will not be transferred to the client until payment is complete. Delinquent accounts over 60 days will be transferred to collections, until payment is remitted clients will not be permitted access to LATITUDE facilities.

Limit of Liability

Although we are extremely careful in handling and safekeeping all film, prints, digital files, and other client originals, LATITUDE is not liable for any loss or damage that may occur while those materials are in our possession. Clients are responsible for picking up all of their belongings upon completion of the project. LATITUDE is not responsible for any materials left at the lab for more than 30 days. LATITUDE does not promise to maintain client files beyond the completion of a client project. Please maintain personal back-ups for your files!

Standard Service Bureau turnaround is three business days (M-F). Rush options are available for time-sensitive production! We're here to help!

Typical Service Bureau turnaround is appropriate for most client requests, but is entirely at LATITUDE’s discretion.  Service Bureau jobs that are particularly large in size, workload, or any other quality deemed extraneous will be negotiated with the client to ensure accurate turnaround.

Final print production starts when we have received and confirmed details of print-ready files. Test strips may add additional time to the original turnaround as specified. Prices are quoted for print-ready files. Resizing, cropping, or other edits may result in additional fees and time. Scan production starts once we receive the originals to be scanned, scan project turnaround varies widely based upon output size, film type, and number of originals. 

While LATITUDE strives to have all equipment functional at all times, in the event equipment failure, or extensive maintenance, turnaround times may be extended. Clients will be notified and provided a revised turnaround.