Colleen Keihm / Executive Director

Colleen joined the staff as the Executive Director in January of 2019. She received a BFA in Photography from Drexel University and a MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago. Colleen and her Ansco camera are originally from New York, acclimating to the Midwest, and often missing the ocean.


Adam Schachner / Lab Director

Adam joined the staff as Lab Director in May of 2018 after working as a lab assistant since September of 2017. Adam is an interdisciplinary artist, printmaker, and educator.  A New York City native, Adam moved to Chicago shortly after receiving his B.A in Studio Art from Oberlin College in 2017. 


Alex Wieder / Technical Director

Alex joined the staff as Technical Director in December 2016 after working as a Lab Assistant since 2014. He is a lens-based artist, printer, educator, and jack-of-many-trades who received his BFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2014.


Lauren Dacy / Assistant Lab Technician

Lauren  joined the staff as the Lab Technician in September of 2017 after working as a Lab Assistant since January of 2017. Lauren may or may not have been raised by wolves. 


Ryan Thiel / Communications Coordinator

Ryan joined the staff as Communications Coordinator in March of 2018 after working as a Lab Assistant since May of 2017. He is a designer, photographer, and social media-er with a BS in Advertising from St. Cloud State University and a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Graphic Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In high school, Ryan pulled off being the band kid who played bassoon that also became homecoming king.

Noëlle Pouzar / Programming Fellow

Noëlle joined the Fellowship Program in December of 2018. She is an essayist, graphic designer, and community organizer who received her BFAW from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in May 2017. Along with her work at LATITUDE, Noëlle is a 2018 Luminarts Creative Writing Fellow and Co-Founder of Monarch, a wellness resource initiative for Chicago women, femme, and gender non-binary creatives.

Rachel Schafer / Education Fellow

Rachel Schafer starting working at LATITUDE as a Lab Assistant in January of 2018 and joined the staff as the 2019 Education Fellow in December of the same year. Originally from southeast Georgia, Rachel moved to Chicago to pursue her B.A. in Photography from Columbia College Chicago which she completed in the spring of 2018. In addition to making photographs, Rachel also enjoys dancing and traveling; she was a competitive Irish dancer for over 9 years and aspires to set foot on all seven continents by her 30th birthday (four down, three to go!)


Stephanie Folger-Garate / Community Outreach Fellow

Stephanie joined the staff as Community Outreach Fellow in December of 2018. She is a recent Chicago transplant, having lived overseas for a year after receiving her BA in Art History and French from Lake Forest College. Her work at LATITUDE is influenced by her interests in promoting inclusivity, education, photography, and the breaking down of barriers. Her dream is to one day find the perfect slice of tres leches.



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