We offer custom tutoring sessions as well as general tutoring sessions to guide you through common workflows. Submit your tutoring request using the form on this page and contact us with any questions.

General Tutoring Session

We offer general one-on-one sessions covering common workflows to produce your work.

Intro to Printing
This session is ideal for someone who is a complete beginner to digital printing or someone who has printed but needs a thorough refresher. No prerequisite.

  • $65 for 90 minutes ($50 for Students/Recent Grads)

  • This tutoring session covers the basics of printing on rolls and sheets of paper through photoshop in a color managed workflow on LATITUDE’s small format 17 inch printers. Students will learn how to resize their images, edit their files nondestructively, load rolls and sheets of paper, and work through all of the print menus needed to send a file to print. Students will leave with two 8x10 prints on standard paper as well as an understanding of how to be a successful DIY user in the LATITUDE space.

  • Includes two 8x10 prints.

Intro to Printing with Lightroom
This session is designed for students who already use Lightroom and would like to continue printing through the software, or users who don’t know Lightroom and would like an overview of how the software works as well as its pros and cons. No prerequisite.

  • $65 for 90 minutes ($50 for Students/Recent Grads)

  • This tutoring session covers the same skills as our Intro to Print session, the only difference being the student will learn to make image adjustments and print through Lightroom instead of Photoshop.

  • Includes two 8x10 prints.

Intermediate Printing
This session is ideal for a lab user who feels comfortable printing on the 17 inch printers but wants to take their printing skills to a more advanced level.

  • $115 for 120 minutes ($95 for Students/Recent Grads)

  • This tutoring session is designed for someone who understands the basics of printing but wants more guidance when making larger prints on our 44-inch large format printers. Students taking this session will learn how to print test strips, add crop marks, arrange multiple images on one canvas, as well as the basics of trimming, print handling and packaging.

  • Students will leave with either two 16x20 prints or one 20x30 print on fine art paper, two test strips for each image, and a greater understanding of how to create and transport large prints safely.

Intro to Piezography
This tutoring session is ideal for a lab user who has printed before and has a great interest in making the most beautiful black and white prints possible.

  • $115 for 120 minutes ($95 for Students/Recent Grads)

  • This tutoring session provides an in-depth tutorial on how to use our specialty black and white Piezography printer, a 44-inch large format printer that uses different shades of black ink to produce incredible tonal breadth and rich detail similar to that of a darkroom print. Students will learn how to use the software Print Tool, how to tone and split-tone images, and become fully certified to use our Piezography printer as a DIY user.

  • Includes 1 patch set, two test strips, and one 16x20 print on fine art paper.

Drum Scanning
This session is designed for photographers looking to make very high resolution scans from any film type.

  • $200 for 2-3 hours ($150 for Students/Recent Grads)

  • Drum scanning is a wet mounting scanning process that produce the largest and highest quality scans possible. The tutorial will cover preparing your film, the intricacies of mounting the film onto the cylindrical drum, how to load the drum, and how to unmount your film once the scans are complete.

  • Includes 3 drums (1 used during the tutoring session).

Custom Tutoring Session

We offer individualized tutoring sessions tailored to fit your individual interests and needs. Sessions can be arranged for everything from file management and print consultation to Photoshop editing and flatbed scanning.

  • $50/hour ($40/hour for Students/Recent Grads)

  • Day membership fee waived.

  • Runtime is a minimum of 90 minutes/maximum 3 hours.

  • Price of tutoring includes instruction only. DIY prices will apply to any prints made during the session.


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